Everything You Need To Know About Dry Aged Steaks

Dry Aged Steaks Overview

What is Dry-Aging

Exposing meat (primal beef) to a controlled, open-air environment starts the process of aging.

Through the aging process, moisture is extracted from the meat. As moisture is being pulled to the surface, bacteria will start to form. The meat's natural enzymes start breaking the muscle down making for a much more tender eating experience. This is a slow process. The longer the meat is aged, the more pronounced the aged flavor.

At DellaPietra's, we have two different programs. The 20-30 day and the 60-80 day. Both processes begin with the same top-quality beef and produce their own amazing outcome.

In our 20-30 day program, we feel the product reaches a point where enough of its moisture has been extracted, making for a fork-tender steak, while also enhancing but keeping its natural beefy flavor - satisfying the non-funky, blue cheesy steak fan.

The 60-80 day, our flagship program starts just like the 20-30 day process but is much more delicate and time-consuming. Adding the additional 40-50 days to the process, control is key. The environment, temperature, and humidity are crucial to the success of the end product. In this program, we ensure each steak has that blue-cheesy funky experience your experienced steak fan is yearning for.

Benefits of dry aged steaks